Lysander "Notch" Maculloch

Chief Explorator of the Kahlmor Clan, Commanding Officer aboard the Throes of Luxury



WS: 49
BS: 37
S: 35
T: 41
Ag: 30
Int: 48
Per: 44
WP: 49
Fel: 41

Skills: Awareness (Trained, +10%), Chem-Use (Trained, +10%, +20%), Common Lore: Machine Cult (Trained, +10%, +20%), Common Lore: Tech (Trained, +10%, +20%), Common Lore: Imperial Guard (Trained), Dodge (Trained, +10%), Drive: Ground Vehicle (Trained, +10%), Drive: Skimmer/Hover (Trained), Forbidden Lore: Archeotech (Trained, +10%, +20%), Forbidden Lore: Adeptus Mechanicus (Trained, +10%, +20), Forbidden Lore: Psykers (Trained), Literacy (Trained), Logic (Trained, +10%), Medicae (Trained, +10%, +20%), Navigation: Surface (Basic, Trained), Pilot: Spacecraft (Basic), Scholastic Lore: Astromancy (Trained), Scholastic Lore: Chymistry (Trained, +10%), Secret Tongue: Rogue Trader (Trained), Secret Tongue: Tech (Trained), Speak Language: Ship Dialect (Trained), Speak Language: Explorator Binary (Trained), Speak Language: Low Gothic (Trained), Speak Language: Techna-lingua (Trained), Tech-Use (Trained, +10%, +20%, Talented), Trade: Technomat (Trained), Trade: Armour (Trained), Trade: Explorator (Trained), Trade: Voidfarer (Trained)

Talents/Traits: Charmed, Ill-omened, Void Accustomed, Peer (Academic), Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus), Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Logis Implant, Autosanguine, Sound Constitution 8, Mechadendrite Use (Utility), Luminen Charge, Electro Graft Use, Binary Chatter, Total Recall, Ferric Lure, Prosanguine, Maglev Grace, Nerves of Steel, The Flesh is Weak 2, Talented (Tech-Use), Luminen Blast, Feedback Screech

Half Move: 3
Full Move: 6
Charge: 9
Run: 18
Base Leap: 3
Base Jump: 60

Weapons/Armor: Common Craftsmanship Boltgun, Good Craftsmanship Power Axe, Enforcer Light Carapace Armor, Best Craftsmanship Power Fist, Common Craftsmanship Power Armour

Gear: Multikey, Void Suit, Injector, Micro-bead, Combi-tool, Dataslate, Filament grenades, Melt-a-bombs, Photocontacts, Rebreather, Medikit (x100 supply)

Acquisitions: Good Craftsmanship Battle Servitor, Pictocaster of Primitive World, Slaught (x100 supply), Amasec (x100 supply), Medicae Mechadendrite, Utility Mechadendrite

Corruption: 0
Wounds: 16
Insanity: 12

Lift: 45 kg
Carry: 90 kg
Push: 180 kg

Fate Points: 5


Lysander was born in the depths of Segmentum Solar. He was raised on various ships and satellites, never nesting in a place as he never spent more than 6 months in any one place. His parents, Rug and Nancy Maculloch, weren’t terribly bad off for their lifestyle. Rug worked with data and information for the Imperium and was able to send his son to school for a few short years. At age 7, Lysander showed tremendous talent in mechanical arts. Normally, this would be considered heretical, but when the Mechanicus came to investigate claims of a handyman, they found a new member of their order. Mr. and Mrs. Maculloch had no choice but to let their only son go.

Several years in the employ of the Mechanicus and Lysander was sent to assist and oversee operations for a Rogue Trader ship owned by Kalhmor. He headed to the engine room to have a moment to himself and to commune with the machine spirit of the vessel as soon as his feet hit the deck. After a rough half-hour, he reported to the leading officer, Adruesus, and continued to make himself familiar with the layout of the ship.

It wasn’t long before a loud alarm rang through the ship. Lysander hadn’t heard many alarms in his time and hearing one now sent a vicious shiver down his spine, what “spine” there was left. He ran pell-mell through the halls, looking for signs of life. None caught his eye. That is, until he ran into the commanding officer again. Together, Adruesus and Lysander were able to lock themselves in the room with the warp generator. After some difficulty, Lysander calmed the machine spirit enough to have it exit the warp. It was only after several intense minutes that Adruesus and Lysander left the room to survey the damage. Only a single Astropath was left alive, and barely so at that.

They made it out alive, somehow, but Lysander wasn’t unscathed. He took a trip to Mars, to reconnect with what he knew to be real; what he understood to be true.

Several years later, Lysander finds himself in the employ of the same Adruesus he survived with that fateful day. Assigned to the now Rogue Trader, Lysander reports still to the Mechanicus and is as loyal to his friend as they come. He doesn’t always agree with his Captain’s choices, but he trusts in his Captain’s actions.

Since his work with Captain Adruesus has begun, Lysander has suffered two losses that have impacted him greatly. The first is the servo-skull he created after reestablishing his mental stability, destroyed in a firefight when the Kahlmor Clan landed for a supply run on Footfall. The second being the Clan’s former Voidsmaster, Jux, with whom he felt a familiarity he had never felt in anyone before.

Shortly thereafter, a Psyker by the name of Gregoire joined the Rogue Trader Clan. Having lived and been trained in the Segmentum Solar, Lysander is not particularly fond of the mutants that can speak directly into one’s head. He had thought that being stationed on a Rogue Trader vessel would be a haven from the mind-talkers, but he has come to the conclusion that the few years without Greg were only a momentary reprieve.

Lysander "Notch" Maculloch

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