Timidus Noteworthy and the WAAAAGH!!!

During a return trip to the Firestorm System, Adreusus and the Kahlmor crew were alarmed at the appearance of a raider-class vessel and two roks emerging from the warp at the edge of the system. The Exarch and Throes moved to intercept, and were greeted via vox from the raider. It was captained by a rogue trader called Timidus Noteworthy. Noteworthy had come with a message and a request for aid.

Noteworthy’s message: The WAAAAAGH!!! had been initiated in the bowels of Undred Undred Teef by ork warboss Morgaash Kulgraz. This information came to Noteworthy via the Kaptin of one of the roks piloting alongside Noteworthy’s ship, a prominent Ork freebooter by the name of Gnash Gutbleeda.

In response to this danger to the Expanse on the whole, Noteworthy was assembling an Imperial Xenos Coalition, a division of military power consisting of xenos military might. So the rogue trader had come to the nearest system, that owned by Adreusus Kahlmor, in search of aid, supplies, anything that they might be willing to lend to the cause.

Adreusus and his crew first laughed at the man and his bizarre ambition, and then tried to explain to Noteworthy the exact problem with what he was doing. However, the man could not be made to seen the extent of his blasphemy (or moreover, he openly accepted it as the best option). Warning Noteworthy against requesting aid of other rogue traders, Adreusus sent him out of the Firestorm system with the coordinates of The Lashbeaks, knowing that those Kroot mercenaries would be eager for more greenskin blood.

Later, Adreusus returned to Footfall to find that a new branch of the Inquisition, guided by the High Inquisitor himself would be arriving soon to place its headquarters on Footfall. Rather than allow them to make camp and possibly take over his prized shadowy throne, Adreusus passed an urgent message onto the Inquisition council, alerting them to the WAAAAGH!!!. The Inquisition forces immediately set course for deep expanse in order to combat Morgassh before his green villainy could be directed toward Imperial space.

Timidus Noteworthy and the WAAAAGH!!!

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