The Orlias System

During the Kahlmor rogue trader’s first embarkment into the Koronus Expanse, they discovered mid-warp a pair of ghostly ships, and pursued both of them.

Each ship had been infested with a breed of energy-sucking leeches that had left the crew as dessicated husks long ago. Explorator Notch managed to discover where these ships had last hailed from, which back in the day had been a primitive world. Once Kahlmor and crew finished their business with Lord High-Admiral Firescorn , they departed next for this system to assess it for the Imperium.

They discovered a system of four worlds.

A mishap of warp travel plunged them into the planet closest to the sun, a watery world from which the Exarch became trapped. Systems were operational, but the ship was being held in place by supernatural forces. The ships of the dead, lost in this abyssal tomb, had risen again to take the Exarch. A brief scuffle with Adruesus Kahlmor attacking the ghostly enemies, as Jux the Red severed the chains holding the Exarch Infinitum in place, resulted in the crew’s freedom.

The second world would prove… much more diplomatic. In short, they were at war with the third world of the system, populated entirely by a brainwashed form of humanoid. Their wills had been taken by an overmind xenos plague consisting of the same black slugs that had overtaken the two ships from the warp long ago.

The slugs didn’t come from the third world, though. Their source was the fourth planet of the system, itself a terrible xenos creature.

The Orlias System

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