The Acquisition of Firestorm

After the Kahlmor clan cleaned up the Orlias System and discovered the Warp Gun, they also found an wide orange cube. The scientists of Orlias had been using it in order to communicate with mysterious architects from across the expanse, who directed them in the creation of the Warp Gun. The rogue traders took the cube with them as they left, and Alzad was able to decipher from where the communications had originated.

The Exarch and Throes eventually made their way spinward to the far reaches of an unexplored system, amidst a field of asteroids. Piloting their way through, they found and subdued a series of pirate vessels who attacked them. In the center of the asteroid field was the source of the psychic signal from the cube. It led to an old space station, featuring the image of the God-Emperor with His head having been removed.

THe inhabitants were the first that Kahlmor had met of a prolific band of cultists known as the Rod of Tzeench. Their guide was a warp-witch, who bartered for their lives with Adreusus, only to meet her end in his power fist and the unleashed murder servitors. In short time, the rest of the verminous scum were destroyed. The only remnant was an arch-militant named York, who rebelled against the cultists and joined the crew of the Exarch.

From York, Adreusus learned of the Firestorm system, held in the grip of a corrupt rogue trader named Bloth Endire. Endire had forged an alliance with the Rod of Tzeench and the mysterious Dark Mechanicus, and was using the Firestorm system to build and consolidate military power. Endire commanded a fleet of a dozen ships.

To battle them and win the system, Adreusus contacted Lord High-Admiral Firestorm via astropathic signal, requesting as many ships as he could lend. The Segmentum Admiral dispatched 4 frigates and a light-cruiser, headed by Low-Admiral Rung, to follow Adreusus into battle. With their superior armaments, the Kahlmor clan decimated Bloth Endire’s forces, capturing Endire and his personal cadre. Rung took them into custody aboard his own ship, the Hammer of Wrath.

Other Imperial Navy ships assisting in the battle were the By Design, the Cardinal Skull, and the Flight of Ruination. The Axe of Doom was also dispatched, but was destroyed by a warp-incursion on the way to the Firestorm system.

With the main fleet out of the way, Adreusus took over each of the system’s three planets one by one. First the water world Tuoh, and then the plainsworld Arrogo. Arrogo was populatedby dogmen, who initially fought Adreusus’ coming, but as the rogue trader displayed his strength, he converted the easily-led abhumans to his own rule. They now populate the underdecks of the Exrch Infinitum.

Endire’s Palm, while held by Adresus Kahlmor’s forces, remains largely unexploited and unexplored.

The Acquisition of Firestorm

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