Seizing Footfall

One day, the Kahlmor clan returned to Port Footfall only to find they had difficulty setting foot into port. A gang of abhumans had gotten hold of military-grade assault weaponry and were setting fire to dock with the use of mobile cover. After dealing with the immediate threat, Adreusus and the others learned that these abhumans were targetting High-Lord Merchant Antonello as well as his known associates.

Adruesus made quick demands of the other high merchants of Footfall to intervene and deal with the problem, only to find them hiding behind politics and a general unconcern for the fate of Antonello. With security overrun, and the high merchants unwilling to handle the abhuman problem, Adreusus set to deal with them himself.

He met the abhumans in their camps outside of Antonello’s ivory tower. He questioned their leader. The abhumans had originally been slaves handling the underdeck work that keeps Footfall running in an orderly fashion. The brother of the leader lost his eyes to Antonello when the master merchant was feeling hungry one day. As unrest began to swell in the minds of the abhumans, they were given weaponry by “a nameless friend, interested only in the leveling of justice.” This supporter was never identified, and then the abhumans began their campaign.

Unfortunately, the rioters were a gullible lot. Adreusus convinced the abhumans that the other lord-merhcants were not only responsible for atrocities equal to Antonello’s crime, but of greater ones in addition (“It’s not about just eyes anymore… it’s about ears, too!”). And so the abhumans were directed against the other merchants of Footfall.

During the incursion, Adreusus snuck in alongside Notch and Jux and sabotaged the defense efforts of each of the other merchants, stealing what they could and blowing up the rest. When the last of the merchants fled, the abhumans turned their eye back to Antonello. Adreusus rebolstered the small and poorly-armed security team, supplying them more powerful weaponry and armor. With the security team readied and future power on Footfall secured for Antonello, the only obstacle left to deal with would be the abhumans. Directing their attack for a specific place and time, Adreusus ambushed the mutants with the combined forces of his own military power, Footfall Security, and Antonello’s armored detail. The abhumans were completely destroyed.

The results of this chain of events were a seat of power consolidating all branches of trade, directed under Antonello. With Adruesus being Antonello’s key rogue trader contact, this also consolidated power for Adruesus himself. It also enhanced the influence of the Imperial Security, who had once taken a backseat to the individual security details of the different merchant lords operating on Footfall. This eventually paved the way to greater Imperial influence in Footfall, including habitation by a new branch of the Inquisition. This was, of course, a short-lived occupation.

Seizing Footfall

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