Planet Orlias

The second world of The Orlias System, home to a civilization approximately equal in measure to the 21st century in terms of technological advancement.


The people of Orlias are a mixed slew of abhumans, split into at least four distinct species.

The ones apparently human (though no autopsy or medical examination ever confirmed this) make up the ruling class. They head all forms of government organization, including the Senate and the Military.

The Plebeian race, those of the lowest form of social caste (and likely making up the majority workforce), resemble rats. Their faces are pinched, they have whiskers, and at any given time they are prone to mobbing and riots.

The Air Force, subject to the ruling power of the heads of military, are a minority race not quite birdlike, but their features are swept-back, including the curvature of their skulls. Again, no medical examination to understand the extend of their physiology, but their race is predisposed toward mechanical flight and may also make up the body of the space program.

The Think Tank consists of humanoids with squinted eyes and great bulbous heads. They are a race of data gatherers and can be found at any time in converse with one another on any number of issues. They are a race of individuals, but their arguments regarding truth wage amongst them until a concensus has been reached, making the Think Tank essentially of one mind. They dedicate themselves to the technological enhancement of their planet, and may be the only ones to understand the workings of the The Warp-Gun, which they were charged with making.


Legislation and judgment are covered by a Senate, headed by a President. Separate to him but equal in power is the Chief General, leader of the military. It is a simple, efficient system, hampered only by the warring political ambitions of the ruling humanoids.


Orlias is in possession of a modern space program, land and air-based military. Their ships are not made yet to traverse the cosmos, they instead possess satellites remaining in orbit, and shipflight capable of traversing the local system but no further.

Their weaponry in space is unconventional. Upon the arrival of the Kahlmor clan, they were contacted by vox and ordered to leave under penalty of death. When Kahlmor informed ground control that this was no happening, the Orlisian military launched a giant steel pylon from one of their weapons satellites. As it circled the globe the pylon picked up speed and would likely have dealt devastation to whatever it eventually hit. The mobility of the Imperium’s ships far outstripped Orlias’ own, however, and their weapon was easily dodged.

Their weapons landside are far more familiar. They use pellet-based weaponry similar to stub projectiles, though they add explosives and incendiary ingredients to these pellets. With the exception of their armored vehicles, their culture on the whole seems to favor mobility over armor, as no bodily-protective gear was ever found during the investigation.

Had it not been for the actions of Voidmaster Jux, their military weaponry may have made a sharp jump for the heretical. Jux discovered during this time that the Orlisians were being contacted by heretics from afar and instructed in the development of a Warp-Gun. Though the Rod of Tzeench was definitely involved, it was more likely the machinations of the Dark Mechanicus that made this feat of engineering possible in the first place.


As explained by the President to the Kahlmor Rogue Traders, they possess a mythology very similar to the Imperium as a whole, with some minor exceptions. They claim to have been birthed by a deity which also serves as their sun. From that point forward, their people waged many wars against one another, both as a result of race and culture, eventually culminating into the integrated society they have today. With all races now working together, their roles decided for them at birth, they set their eyes on a grand destiny of ambition and conquest, for it is their right to take all that they see.

Of course, the development of their space program roused the [:fourth-world-terror] from its eons-long sleep, and they have been struggling to survive the monstrosity’s assaults ever since. Help from Adruesus Kahlmor and his crew have liberated the people from this conflict however, and they are now a documented member of the Imperium.

Planet Orlias

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