Alzad's Failure

Led on by psychic directions from the Yuvath Bloodwrench Slave Outpost, the Kahlmor Clan directed their ships to the Damned Hosts of Iniquity.

As their ships entered the warp, something went cataclysmically wrong. Rocked by the energy of the warp, the Exarch and the Throes quickly found their gellar fields weakening and unable to drop out of the warp. Alzad had vanished from the Navigation Chamber.

Adreusus set to work first, forcing his enginseers to overcome their fears and shut down the engine as daemons began to rip through the hull. Notch had no such recourse, the plasma drive of the Throes out of control. He severed the cables with his power axe, his armour bearing the brunt of the plasma throwback that erupted around him.

The Exarch and the Throes fell out of the warp at different times. Adreusus, lacking a warp eye with which to seek Notch’s trail, headed back toward Footfall. He found Alzad along the way, his warp trail detectable via Gregoire’s psyniscience. Alzad had been ripped out of the warp through his third eye, and had been cast into the void, to freeze within an ice rock’s belly. Scotty disengaged Alzad from the ice chunk using the teleportarium.

Notch wound up in the militarized system populated by the Gwith. He was held there, detained at port for a month, but communicating little with the xenos, who proved only mildly intrusive. The Exarch returned for the Throes, and the both of them ventured back to the Imperium. Alzad had outlived his usefulness with this bungle, and the trauma inflicted on him by such a warp incident could only mean the end of his career as Navigator.

Alzad's Failure

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