Agriculture Planet

The planet originally discovered by Adruesus’s father. Equal parts land and water, with a breathable atmosphere.

The crew of the Exarch Infinitum quest forth to this planet in hopes of discovering what was of value of this planet. Upon arrival, a battle ensued with the teeming ork populations. One continent was razed in the process.

There is something more to this planet, as an underground construct was discovered with older technologies that orks couldn’t have created. Several attempts to enter the complex have ended in failure, but that isn’t stopping Notch.

Following Game 4—-

The underground construction turned out to be a very old and inactive bunker, left behind by the denizens who inhabited the planet some 8,000 years ago. Inside of this single bunker were empty rooms, a still-working garden and a room full of pict-records.

Elsewhere on the same world, the explorers located a giant steel hatch leading into a bay, in which was contained a titanic gun. Only three weapons possessed by the Navy are even similar in scope, and they are known as star-rippers.

As of the meeting between the Kahlmor Rogue Traders and Lord High-Admiral Firescorn, this agricultural world (which Adruesus does not intend to use as such) and its fierce weapon lay in the hands of the Navy.

Agriculture Planet

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