Throes of Luxury


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The Throes of Luxury was acquired by the Kahlmor Dynasty in the Immaterium while warping from Port Wander to Footfall.

The Luxury was a ghost ship wandering the warp with another forgotten vessel. After boarding, then destroying the first vessel, the Kahlmor Traders boarded and revived this light cruiser. Captain Adruesus, with great command, lead both the Luxury and the Exarch into real space in the same general time and location.

Xenos were onboard both ships, feeding on the electric power they used. After returning power to the Luxury, the Traders voided and burned all remaining living and dead of these parasitic creatures.

Notch restored the plasma drive, which was found to be incapable of navigating the vessel, with spare parts onboard the Exarch.

Shortly, the Traders reached Footfall and proceeded to upgrade and repair the rest of the ship.

Throes of Luxury

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