The true BFG


In the event of a dire xenos threat, sometimes only the death of a solar system is sufficient response to wipe out the blight. There exist three guns in the Imperial Navy capable of this, and they are called Star-Rippers. Powered by the fiery heart of the world on which it is based, the Star-Ripper is designed to punch a hole in the star or stars at the heart of the solar system, hastening those solar bodies to their final dissipation. The resulting shower of fire and wind from the star’s death-knell is followed only by darkness and silence.

Some stars fare hardier than others, however, and though one shot from this cannon may cause a lethal wound that quickly collapses a star upon its own weight, another star may survive, and the recharge time of the cannon is unfavorable should this grazing draw the ire and retaliation of the cosmic body.


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