Exarch Infinitum

Flagship of House Kahlmor


Raider… other stuff. I’ll get the stats in here eventually.


The Exarch Infinitum is an ancient ship, constructed in the early years of the Imperium. It’s halls and circuitry are of archeotech that cannot be replicated by the current technology, making repairs difficult. These systems power the even more ancient and highly sought after Teleportarium, a relic of the Dark Age of Technology allowing instant transit across vast distances, negating the need to attempt to pilot a small ship through dangerous enemy turret fighter for small hit and run attacks, or a drop ship for planetary landing. It was stored away in the vaults of the Adeptus Mechanicus for centuries, as a holy item. When presented with his unwanted Warrant, Kahlmor the senior used every speck of the influence and weight he would soon be forced to leave behind to secure this vessel as ‘gift from the God Emperor’ to see him on his way.

Stored outside of the void for so long, the vessel seems eager to use it’s engines, and makes long trips through the warp and across the void in significantly less time then others; battle, however, seems to rattle the machine spirit’s docile ways, and it becomes skittish and more difficult to control.

The Machine Cult still regards this vessle as a holy and revered structure from the omnissiah, and some resent it’s use by a Rogue Trader.

Adruesus is a rather direct individual at most times, and in response to his father’s demise, he took measures to make it rather more difficult for the same to occur to him. Kept locked in cryo-stasis until needed, the ship has a small unit of half a dozen or so servitors. Their cogitators tweaked for maximum aggression, and bristling with brutal, efficient chain-weaponry attached to their very limbs, they have just enough sanity in them to listen to the orders of the vessel’s captain; as long as those orders involve the death of the enemy.

Exarch Infinitum

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