York Vinstreth

Former Arch-Militant for Bloth Endire


WS: 45 / BS: 44 / S: 50 / T: 41 / AGI: 44 / INT: 34 / PER: 43 / WP: 32 / FL: 33

Half Move: 4 / Full Move: 8 / Charge: 12 / Run: 24 / Base Leap: 5m / Base Jump: 100 cm

Lift: 67 kg / Carry: 135 kg / Push: 270 kg

Talents and Traits
Resistance (Poisons): 10 to any Toughness test made to resist the effects of poison.
Resistance (Fear): +10 to any test made to resist Fear.
Melee Weapon Training +10 (Primitive)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Basic Weapon Training +10 (Universal)
Jealous Freedom: Basic Training (Voidhand)
Sound Constitution 1 (
1 Wound)
Quick Draw: Ready is a free action when wielding a pistol, basic weapon or a one-handed melee weapon.
Guardian: By sacrificing all of his actions in the following round, York may switch places with any character within 2 meters of himself. This action can interrupt other actions and the Guardian becomes the target for any attack intended on the switched character. The benefits of Guardian may only be used once per combat.
Weapon Master: While wielding a Basic weapon, York gains +10 on his Ballistic Skill checks, +2 to damage with the weapon, and +2 to initiative.

Common Lore: War (Trained)
Dodge (Basic-Trained)
Intimidate (Basic-Trained)
Medicae (Trained)
Scholastic Lore: Tactica Imperialis (Trained)
Secret Tongue (Trained)
Speak Language: Low Gothic
Survival (Advanced)
Trade (Voidhand) (Trained)

Enforcer Light Carapace Armor (Armor 5 for all)
Void Suit
5 overcharge packs for the las-gun
5 Hot-Shot charge packs for the las-gun
3 stun grenades
3 plasma grenades

Best craftsmanship Basic-Lasgun (1d10+5 E damage, Pen 0, Range 100m, S/3/-, Clip Size 30, Full-Action Reload)
Attached to front of Las-gun is a Mono-Bayonette (1d10+5 R damage, Pen 2)

3 Fate Points / 3 Corruption Points / 13 Wounds / 0 Insanity Points


York Vinstreth

Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier) EBMaster