The Lashbeaks

A band of Kroot mercenaries with a profound hatred for Greenskins


While adrift in the expanse, the Kahlmor clan once came upon a massive domeworld of the Kroot mercenaries. THis particular family, calling themselves the Lashbeaks, welcomed the rogue traders to their supplies and hospitality when it was learned that Adreusus had slain both ork and eldar alike.

In exchange for the xenos corpses aboard the Exarch, the Lashbeaks gladly offered up their stock of food and drink. This included a meatstuff that proved addictive to humans, who must fight their own mind in order to not be driven to slavering engorgement when presented with this meal.

Most recently, Adruesus provided Timidus Noteworthy and the Xenos Coalition with the coordinates of the Lashbeaks, giving the Coalition another potential source of allies in the Expanse.

The Lashbeaks

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