The Gwith

The donut aliens.


Xarf Blaster: A gun that propels pellets of infected yeast at extremely high velocity.
Type: Basic / Range: 45m / Rate of Fire: S/2/- / Damage: 1d10+3 R, Pen 7 / Clip: 10 / Reload: Full Action / Special Qualities: Tearing, Highly Toxic*

*If this weapon does any damage after penetration, the target must make a Toughness save against Toxins. This save is a Hard (-20) check to pass. If the check fails, the target takes 1d10 damage next round, unaffected by Armour or Toughness.

Gillifrifle: An extremely long-ranged blaster rivalling the best of the Imperium’s developments.
Type: Basic / Range: 150m / Rate of Fire: S/-/- / Damage: 1d10+7 I, Pen 3 / Clip: 6 / Reload: Full Action / Special Qualities: Accurate


The Gwith are a race of humanoid xenos displaying mostly birdlike features. They were encountered first by Notch when the Throes of Luxury careened unnavigated through the warp during Alzad’s Failure.

Probably due to a human occupation during the Dark Age of Technology, the Gwith know Low Gothic. Their military power spans the planet, but their government is an insular, isolationist system. They were hesitant to deal with Notch and his crew when they arrived on the planet.

According to a military leader when questioned by Adruesus Kahlmor, the Gwith are governed by their bakers. They possess the secrets of the donut, and have cultivated its secrets for a millennium. Wars have been fought, cities have risen and fallen over this treasure.

The Gwith

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