Private Jenkins

The man who got the special meal.


Originally a military private working under Major Tom, Private John Jenkins was another of the refugees that were taken aboard the Exarch when Adruesus found the island planet. The man possessed enough knowhow and appreciation for rank to work as an enginseer. However, he quickly drew Adruesus’ ire by way of his disorientation, and asked one question too many. The captain gave him a special feast of addictive meat and slaught, and after that incident Jenkins has proven fairly question-free.

It seems he has made his way up the ladder in recent time, as he now is the head enginseer in the Engine Room, and is also running a cigarette racket in his spare time. His tobacco is furnished from the remains of disintegrated voidsmen who get too close to the engine during take-off.


Private Jenkins

Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier) EBMaster