High-Lord Merchant Antonello

The Master of Commerce for Port Footfall


A merchant encountered by Adruesus during his search for ship components. After noticing the Captain’s problem, the merchant seized the moment and offered to help Captain Adruesus.

Antonello is a rather large and boisterous fellow, never at need of delicious food or drink. He is always happy to hear the tales of travelers, and seeks to help them in exchange for money and resources. He resides within a large, white tower upon Port Footfall, and has his spies keeping tabs on the nearby markets. He has a finger on the heartbeat of this station’s economy, and thusly is usually sought out by more knowledgeable Rogue Traders.

He commissions to help Captain Andruesus, if the Captain can provide him a service in exchange. He discovered a long while ago, a large space hulk of which he has been salvaging usable and repairable ship components. However, pirates have settled into the space hulk, and Antonello asks Captain Adruesus to assist.

Antonello seems to have a rather dark side to him, readily shown when he begins to feel comfortable in someone’s presence. He takes glee in tales of the bloody execution or humilation of his enemies, taking more pleasure in the matter the more personal it gets. While he was happy to hear of the pirate first officer being coerced into cooperation after witnessing his captain being voided, he was positively delighted to hear that Void-Master Jux had earlier not only taken said man’s prized sword Charlotte, but had stricken the name from the blade and rechristened it Petunia right in front of the man’s face. He was similarly very disappointed to hear that even a single pirate ship had escaped into the void rather then being slaughtered or brought back to be pressed into his servitude.

High-Lord Merchant Antonello

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