Jux the Red

The Void Master of the Exarch Infinitum


WS: 42 BS: 47 STR: 32 TGH: 32 AGI: 31 INT: 38 PER: 39 WPR: 36 FLW: 28

Half Move: 3 Full Move: 6 Charge: 9 Run: 18 Base Leap: 3 Base Jump: 60 cm

Lift: 26 kg Carry: 72 kg Push: 144 kg

Void Master: Master of Gunnery: Re-roll all failed Tests of Shooting

Void Born: Void Accustomed: Low and no gravity environments don’t count as difficult
Charmed: When using a fate point, roll a d10. On a roll of 9 or better, fate point
isn’t used.

Talents and Traits:
Ill Omened – -5 to Fellowship tests with non-humans
Shipwise — Passive abilities
Quickdraw — Ready as a free action
Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
Light Sleeper — Counts as awake even while asleep
Hardy — (T40) Always heals as “Lightly Wounded”
Hatred (Psykers) — +10 bonus when attacking Psykers
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel — Re-roll failed Pinning Test

Common Lore: Imperial Navy
Common Lore: War
Scholastic Lore: Astromancy
Pilot: Spacecraft
Pilot: Flyer
Speak Language: Low Gothic
Speak Language: Ship Dialect
Forbidden Lore: Xenos
Intimidate (Untrained)

Flak Armor
Vox Caster
Void Suit
Red Beggar’s Cloak
Amasec x2

Best craftsmanship hand cannon
Good craftsmen ship inferno pistol

3 Fate Points 0 Corruption Points 8 Wounds 2 Insanity Points


Jux was born on a colony ship he doesn’t remember. At a very young age he was sold to a strange man to pay off their debt. He remembers nothing of his parents. This man, Jared the Red, quickly became his surrogate father. Jared the Red was the voidmaster on another Rogue Trader, and Jared brought Jux along to learn the trade of being a voidsman. Jux was taught all about the ships components and how to run them. He was taught about the history of interstellar travel, and understands how to keep a ship running, even if he doesn’t understand how it works. He was very fascinated with how to use ship weaponry, and took a hobby in excelling himself at this.

At the young age of 15, the ship came under attack from an unknown Xeno-ship. The crew fell to the merciless creatures fleeting through the ship, and his father knew there was no saving the ship. The ship itself was being crushed in the grip of the ships strange weaponry. Systems failing, Jared grabbed Jux and went running to the escape pods. A massive creature appeared in the corridor behind them and Jared yelled for Jux to flee. Jux ran and listened to the sound of gunshots and a strange howling scream, as much an assault on the ears as an assault on the mind. Cowering in the escape pod, the last thing Jux saw was his father, bleeding from a massive wound in his right side, hobble into the pod bay while sealing the door. This did not stop the monster, as two massive, spiked limbs ripped straight through the door and forced them open. Jared the Red threw his cloak into the pod; Jux screamed as the doors slammed shut and the pod began ejecting. The only thing about the creature he remembers is an alien head peering through the door, eyes like void-fire, and a mouth dripping with poison and tentacles.

He was picked up by the rescue ship, which immediately set a return course when the rescued crew members warned that the ship was long destroyed and the xenos had fled.

This left Jux alone on a strange colony ship. Donning his fathers red cloak, he assumed the title of Jux the Red in honor of his father. He found work as a voidsman for a mercenary band called the Blue Bolt. He leaped the ranks among his voidsmen brothers as his skill with weaponry on any ship far surpassed his kin. He was made voidmaster of the bands flagship, on which he worked for several years.

Blue Bolt was eventually disbanded during a massive mutiny, and Jux was able to escape unharmed. He drifted for a while, piloting and protecting transport caravans. Life had gotten dull, but Jux had everything he needed.

It was then that he was recruited by one Adruesus Kahlmor, Lord-Captain of the Exarch Infinitum. It is with there that Jux the Red still resides.

Jux the Red

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