The man. The Skipper.


NPC stats typical of an inept crew (20’s in all stats and no skill training)

Plotanium armor, an invisible field surrounding the Skipper with effect equivalent to a good-quality Deflection Field (50%). This armor affects all assailing projectiles and effects, including psychic attacks.


One of the 5 delusional wretches found via coconut radio distress signal on a moon of a distant, isolated world. Like the others, Gilligan claims to be from the year 1965, and that the moon they are on is called Earth, whatever that is.

Gilligan, also going by the title of Skipper, appears to be universally hated and feared by his colleagues, most especially the Professor. The man revealed nothing interesting upon interrogation by Gregoire (simply more lunacy), but did lead the astropath to the site of their crashed ship. He also staged an assassination attempt on Gregoire via falling ladder ploy, though Greg sustained minimal damage from the fall.

Was last seen being compelled to join the natives of the moon in their tribal fire dance, though speculation suggests he probably would have done this anyway with all of his friends gone or dead.


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