A Stryxis trader with a strange fetish for orkwarez


A stryxis trader that the Kahlmor clan encountered in the expanse at one point, it is from him that Adreusus finally acquired a Null Rod.

Gilgamusk’s personal caravan is a museum of ork technology, from shootaz and bitz to a junk mecha once piloted by the greenskins on some wartorn world. Gilgamusk collects all such things, and is always on the lookout for more.

There are six known Ork klanz out in the Expanse, each with their own unique trappings and Mekboyz ’Ardware. However, Gilgamusk has reason to believe that there exists a seventh clan hidden somewhere amongst the known greenskinz of the Expanse, and their tech is not only more refined than the rest, but far more deadly. The trade that was made with Gilgamusk was done under the condition that should the Kahlmor clan ever come across such warez anywhere during their travels, they must bring it to him.


Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier) EBMaster