Alzad the Navigator

The Navigator that served under Adruesus's father.


Having served under the late father of Adruesus Kahlmor, Alzad was one of the few survivors of the ork attack upon their ship. They had ventured into the Expanse in search of glory and fortune. After happening upon a very interesting planet, they were attacked, and the planet was left unexplored.

The attack on the ship required Alzad to use an escape pod, and he did not know of it’s survival until recently. After learning that the Exarch Infinitum was still void-worthy, and the Warrant of Trade passed on, Alzad quested to encounter the young Rogue Trader in hopes of resuming his former Captain’s quest.

He is now, once again, the Navigator of the Exarch Infinitum.

Alzad is a very serious individual, with a refined taste. He has a desire for finery in things: clothes, drink and words. He is very sensitive to criticism of his work, seeming to hold his efficacy at his job as a measure of his personal worth.

Alzad the Navigator

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