Adruesus Kahlmor

Lord Captain of the Exarch Infinitum; Scion of House Kahlmor


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Adruesus is the scion of the Rogue Trader house Kahlmor and Lord-Captain of the Exarch Infinitum. Having inherited his Warrant of Trade at the passing of his father in a violent battle with orks a scant two years ago, he has assembled a small retinue of experts in their fields. So prepared, he is ready to enter the Khoronus expanse and find fortune vast and thrills many.

Left by his father to be raised on a fleet of battleships, the senior Kahlmor’s ranking put Adruesus on the fast-track to a command position, and he spent only half as many years in scrub work as his contemporaries, earning him the wrath of those more jealous in nature. Not blessed by the God Emperor with an especially startling physique, Adruesus learned early on to enlist the more burly of his peers as bodyguards using petty bribes or the promise of future rewards and promotion when he had attained his forthcoming rank, rather then engage directly in fisticuffs against a hulking foe.

As he grew to his full measure, Adruesus quickly climbed the ranks of command, becoming first officer of on of the fleet’s light cruisers at a relatively young age. On this vessel he first met the machine cult explorator who would answer only to ‘Notch’, and had his closest encounter with death.
After a brief and mostly incomprehensible discussion with Notch about the nature of the machine spirit in the ship’s warp core, Adruesus was attending minor ship duties when the wailing klaxon sang piercingly through the corridors. As the ship was currently navigating the warp, this was an especially bad omen. Either a crewman had made a very foolish mistake that would very likely see him voided, or the geller field had collapsed and a warp incursion was imminent. No crewmen were lucky enough to be consigned to the void that day.
Pelting through the suddenly mad and fathomless halls, Adruesus again encountered Notch, and together they fought and clawed their way through the sea of lunacy, making their way through the vessel. Adruesus saw things that day no man should know of, horrors beyond the edge of comprehension. Somehow, he found a small corner of his mind he could throw these images in and lock them away behind adamantite doors, escaping the madness his mind might find should it attempt to rationalize them.
The two men at last sealed themselves into the warp generator room, and Notch implored the machine spirit to calm itself and cast them out of the warp, back into the sterile world of law and order. When enough time had passed to convince both that a trip out of the sealed room was in order, they found themselves to be nearly the only beings left living on the entire vessel. A thorough and desperate search finally revealed a lone astropath, the dead no-eyes of his kind somehow still shining with insanity. After much cajoling, they convinced him to send a distress message through the void, and then they were forced to wait.

Adruesus Kahlmor

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