Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier)

The Warp

Our return to Port Footfall required us to venture into the warp again, and although it was a short excursion, we still encountered trouble. On the Exarch Infinitum, the engine room suddenly spiked to several thousand degrees, burning several crew members alive. On the Throes of Luxury, I had to deal with a strange blood fluid pouring forth from the circuitry on deck. Had I not learned about this strange phenomena before, I might have crumbled into insanity.

Port Footfall

The warp storm had disrupted our trip severely, and as it turned out, our trip only took a total of 12 hours. We seemed to return successful merely half a day after leaving, much to the dock-master’s astonishment. Master Antonello was quite excited to hear from us, and asked us all to dinner. I was of a mind to not go, but alas, Alzad implored me to join them, as add protection if nothing else. I had to find another time to recalibrate the ships systems.

The dinner party went well, with our Lord-Captain charming our merchant friend into supplying us with a veritable goldmine of supplies. I was able to requisition some exotic ammo’s.

Shortly afterwards, we had the Throes of Luxury completely updated with new systems and new weaponry. I am itching to fire those broadsides into an enemy ship, never before have a fired the real weapon… only simulated time and time again.

The Strange Planet

Our Lord-Captain’s father and his father’s crew died at this very planet, so I was of a mind not to let anything catch us by surprise. When not manning the command deck on the Throes of Luxury, I was constantly utilizing the ships augers to test the space in the solar system. We discovered orks on the planets surface and the Lord-Captain issued the continents utter razing. For several days I oversaw the destruction of ork cities and villages. When Lord-Captain Adruesus was satisfied, he took a large contingent of crew to the planet to finish the job. I was to remain aboard the Throes of Luxury and watch the void for enemy interference.

It wasn’t long before our Lord-Captain and Explorator Notch to come under a teeming ork attack. Brave men they were, they fought the horde for the better half of two hours until routing them completely. I finished off the last contingents with planetary bombardment.

Strange, however, diligent as I was with the sensors and turrets… three orks wearing strange void-suits had managed to climb aboard the hull of the Throes of Luxury. I dispatched them quickly, although I thought for a moment one of them might have bested me had I not had the premonition that I should dodge left instead of right.

Auger sensors reported technologies beneath the surface of the planet. Notch vanished within, and I await news of the discovery.



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