Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier)

Port Footfall

An unconventional mass of asteroids connected by a complex series of walkways in the middle of this sector. We arrived shortly after getting the Throes of Luxury fully void-worthy. Notch has been having a conniption fit over this ship, and while working frequently has the servo-skull tell me to, “tread lightly, this ship doesn’t like you.” A wonderful notion, being that the Lord-Captain has plans for this being the war ship, and my skills will be needed.

Lord-Captain Adruesus held a meeting upon arrival, and we all went our separate ways. He himself went to try and claim new parts for our new ship, Notch went in search of the registry, and I accompanied Alzad to his room to debrief his last mission with our Lord-Captain’s father. After I attained enough information to deem it unlikely that people were pillaging our rightful claim, I went in search of the registry. I managed, unsurprisingly, to find the registry before Notch did.

My meeting with the Machine Cultist’s within only seek to remind me that I am not a social creature. Luckily, my blunder was relieved when Notch strode in quite proudly and plugged into their system without their permission, and was able to get the Throes registered to us.

I also discovered that the Xeno’s organism wasn’t dead yet, and promptly went in search of the Ordos Xeno’s on this hive of a station. I located them, and escorted a very irritable soldier to our ship. Upon examination, he informed me that we needed to destroy our prize immediately. I would not allow this until the Lord-Captain had his word. I held a stalemate with the soldier and his guard until the Lord-Captain arrived to settle the manner. We should have just ejected it like the rest, because Inquisitor’s kept visiting our station to implore us to let them search the ship.

The black market on this station isn’t very big, but I almost attained illegal Xeno’s weaponry. Once again, I am reminded that I am not a social creature.

Lord-Captain Adruesus returned after failing to attain the parts we needed to upgrade our ship, but he had been given a mission which would result in us attaining the parts we needed. The mission came from one Master Antonello. Of this merchant, I know nothing.

Three days in the warp brought us to a large space hulk. Ships from all over the sector had convened here to create a large wreckage of parts and debris. We were accompanied by two ships that Lord-Captain only said were sent by the merchant he had done business with. Lucky that, because we were attacked by pirates shortly there after.


I always feel the adrenaline pump when we initiate space combat. After the first lance beam missed one of the merchant frigates, I rushed to my station. The Lord-Captain maneuvered us out of lance range and he gave me the command to bring them down. All I could hear was my fathers words as I locked in coordinates on the screen.

“There are tales of hunters and soldiers out in the void that face massive creatures just to survive. Creatures so large that they must work in groups to win. The way to bring down such a large creature is to knock it off it’s feet, and strike it while it cannot retaliate. Think of enemy ships as a creature you must overcome, you must strike it where it’s weak, and then when it cannot fire upon you, you hit it with everything you’ve got.”

Using my gunnery knowledge, I hammered the enemy ships with our weaponry, aiming carefully for their plasma drives and command decks. The Lord-Captain, however, was several steps ahead of me. He used his archeo-tech machine to warp into their ships momentarily and destroy key components. This was of great excitement as I waited for the commander to reappear on board the Exarch Infinitum and I’d hear the finality in his voice when he gave his solemn command: “Fire at will.”

We destroyed and crippled most of the enemy ships and then looted their camp. I was part of the exploration party and we came upon a great hoard of fuel, flamer weaponry, plasma weaponry, and a small escape craft.

On a final note, the pirates women and children were discovered within the space hulk. Lord-Captain Adruesus hadn’t a second thought about it, and was content to leave them to starve or suffocate. Notch and I, for the first time, were on agreement that we would not leave void-born to such a fate. Notch cleverly ployed the idea of giving them to the merchant Antonello as servants, thus sparing their lives for the time being. Not ideal, but better than death.



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