Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier)

Agriculture Planet

Being aboard this ship with Lord-Captain Adruesus is proving to be far more dangerous than I could have ever expected.

The ork infested planet was housing a dramatic find indeed, a massive gun known as a Star Ripper. I have never heard of these, but it seemed Alzad was a bit knowledgeable. After inspection of it’s capabilities, Lord-Captain Adruesus had formulated our next step and we left immediately for Imperial Space. I was afraid my rank among the disbanded Blue Bolt would get me interrogated. A contract was drawn up and we sold the coordinates to Lord High-Admiral Firescorn.

A man not to cross. I was relieved to leave.

Primitive World

The primitive worlds from the Throes of Luxury’s logs have advanced over the span of a millennium. Still primitive in their space travel capabilities, they did, however, engage us in combat. A strange notion for a world of their technology, being that it should have been clear we could not be bested by projectile weapons.

Seem’s they were afraid we were the new technology from their brother planet. They have been at war for decades. Investigation of the planet revealed something I had been suspicious of, it was infested with the slug-like parasites from when we discovered the Throes of Luxury. They had advanced further than nuclear energy and were utilizing plasma energies, unfortunately we decided they needed to be destroyed. We had begun destroying their energy grip, when the fourth planet out suddenly revealed a massive fleet of minor stellar craft approaching.

Lord-Captain Adruesus meant to preserve the primitive civilization, and we engaged the fleet in glorious combat. Xeno’s strike a deep hatred in my heart, and I was filled with righteous rage as I decimated the fleet in a singular volley from the Throes of Luxury. The weaponry ripped through the fleet and then a horror from the deep took form, as the entire fourth planet emerged into a titanic creature.

Long we fought, dodging attacks and tearing holes throughout the creatures massive tentacles. Eventually I plunged a lance beam through the energy signature in the creatures body.

Primitive World: Planetside

Returning to the primitive civilization, we were greeted with hesitant welcome. Lord-Captain Adruesus went along with the planets primarch, and I went to inspect the civilization. Seperated into upper class and lower class, this entire planet made me uncomfortable. Lord-Captain advised me to make it clear that we are more powerful and they will bend, so I took no shame in demonstrating our technological power upon an angry mob.

I asked to be taken to their military district, which resided inside a large, underground complex. It seems that the different roles played within this civilization are literally determined by the different races present. Pilots have a stream lined body, the innovators housing large craniums, and the lower class being of a strange cat-like appearance. Their military leader refused me the right to see their newest stratagem, so I challenged his authority. A mistake on my part, his primitive weapon, whilst striking me in the head, struck fire upon my helmet, which I discarded. Using my inferno pistol, I bored a hole through their “impervious” walls.

He backed down.

Their newest stratagem was located within a strange room. The walls were covered in calculations and a large glowing box seemed to be telepathically communicating with the large cranium-ed designers. I do not have body hair, but I imagine the feeling I felt would be similar to “my hair standing on end.”

It was a weapon of strange design, but I wanted to investigate further. I took the weapon outside and activated the charge feature. My hubris got the best of me. I fired the weapon.

A concentrated beam rent the air apart and for a moment I saw directly into the deepest realms of hatred and chaos. I cannot be sure what I saw, but something looked back at me and I felt a sharp, cold bolt of terror throughout my body. I’m not sure what compelled me, but I dropped the weapon and collapsed as a burning fire raged within my mind and soul. I convulsed for a bit and felt my mind reeling and my heart racing. This weapon was an abomination to the God Emperor.

I didn’t have time to recover, for the Military Leader was on the move for the weapon and I brought him down with both barrels firing. I thought for a moment he was going to shoot me with the weapon, but he missed and I brought him down before he could fire again.

I was relieved by Alzad’s arrival, and it had seemed that apparently I had looked directly into the Warp. I’m lucky to still have my mind intact, if not a bit fractured.

I can still feel that creature’s gaze upon me.



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