Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier)

Port Wander: Day 1:

I have never encountered Port Wander in my travels. An entire populous of shifty-eyed thieves. Lord-Captain spoke about meeting an old companion here, of which I know very little. Going aground always leaves me uneasy; I have made several enemies from the Blue Bolt, and God Emperor forbid we encounter them. Out this far into the Expanse I do not expect to run into my past.

It is a strange feeling, being able to requisition goods of our Lord-Captain, but his generosity knows no limit, and I was able to better equip myself. I had quite a bit of trouble locating a decent photo-visor, so I imagine the Lord-Captain killed a man looking for a decent chain sword.

After encountering our Lord-Captain’s father’s Navigator, we took refuge from the noise of the crowd to sit within a bar. I didn’t recognize anyone, but I felt a little more at ease with several other void-born in the room.

Lord-Captain took to drink, an activity I do not partake in such a dangerous setting. It wasn’t long before my suspicion of a man was confirmed when he tried to flee the premises. After confirming with Lord-Captain, I took after the man. He had been carrying a vox caster, and I do not take lightly to being spied upon. I encountered him before he vanished into the teeming masses. A short confrontation later exposed his plot: his captain had sent him to listen of our tales and report back. I wasn’t sure why, but I could tell we weren’t messing with a mere thief. A mere thief wouldn’t have the armor to withstand a shot directly to the chest. I stripped him of his possessions and sent him on his way. I left the trail open in hopes we would expose the real man behind this.

Lord-Captain, while talented in his ability, succumbed to drink and we retired to the Exarch Infinitum. I didn’t spot our stalker, so he must’ve reported back. If I see him again he will die.

Day 2:

A day of restocking and preparation. The Lord-Captain resumed his hunt for equipment, while I oversaw the stocking of our holds. A note I might add: This Notch fellow, he terrifies me. The Explorater’s on other vessels were very quiet and dedicated to their work. Notch does not speak to me, instead, a floating Servo-skull screams his requests at me. He is constantly tinkering and I never really know what he might be thinking. The Lord-Captain allowed him a full case of Chrono’s for our trip. Is this to keep the Explorater busy? Or perhaps a bribe of some sort? Trouble was brewing, while out, the Lord-Captain encountered some thugs. I received the call for aid, but he didn’t sound worried. I made an example of the second thug, who upon seeing his companion hobbled, went to flee. I, while in the crowd, put a bullet through the right side of his head, and made example of those who seek to harass our ship.

The Void:

We are on our way to another port by the name of Footfall. Similarly, I do not recognize this port. We aren’t even out of the gravitational pull of Wander when we encounter another ship. It is a companion of the man I apprehended. He fed us some ork-speak about how this is coincidence. We knew otherwise. I had the vox caster from the first man, and upon speaking into it, behold, the vox caster at his hip responded. Lord-Captain did was he does best, and the man and his ship fled.

The Warp:

Father told me stories about the Warp. It is a gestalt world existing between this one and the other dimensions. Time and space are relative here. Strange things can happen, so without the assistance of a Navigator, you should never stay in the warp for too long. Several days in, we encountered ships whose entirety seemed to be flickering in and out of existence. Lord-Captain, ever the opportunist, had us warped aboard. We encountered strange xeno-organisms, and I was assaulted by the memory of my fathers death. The first ship was beyond repair, as Notch was unable to speak with the Machine God. I was allowed the privilege of delivering the ship and it’s spirit to our God-Emperor. The second ship was in better repair, and we quickly seized the ship and destroyed the captured xeno’s within. We now approach Footfall, with a second ship in tow.



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