Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier)

Timeline: Games 4 - 6

Record 1:

Planetside, a small bunker with empty rooms, a functioning garden and a records facility were found. Records forwarded to Alzad for perusal, and the investigative party moved on to Techno Site #2. Immense steel gate guarding a giant gun, far too large even to classify as Lance weaponry. Adreusus identifies weapon as type “Star-Ripper,” and Explorator Notch confirms the weapon as active and usable.

Alzad’s report of the records indicates the planet was the site of a colony around M33. Colonists primarily loyal to the Imperium and prospering. Regular reports made by a single recorder each generation. Colonists fled the planet in dread of some threat emerging from the first planet in orbit, firing their weapon once into the sun as they escaped. Their current whereabouts remain unknown.

Exarch Infinitum and Throes of Luxury immediately depart on Lord-Captain’s orders toward Footfall, and from there into Segmentum Obscurus.

Travel Time: 1 month warpside projected / ~10 months estimated voidside

Arrival at Port Significance, refueling and organized crew release/return. During this time Lord-Captain Adreusus communicates upward the Imperial Navy’s ladder beginning with Commander Greil, Low-Admiral Rung and finally an audience is granted with Lord High-Admiral Firescorn. A contract regarding the Star-Ripper is drawn up, with terms aggressively bargained between the Lord-Captain and the Lord High-Admiral. The conclusion of terms led to the conclusion of the session.

end recording

Record 2: Exarch and Throes return to Footfall. Refueling was postponed as Lord Merchant Antonello had unexplainedly withdrawn his graces to Lord-Captain Adreusus and his ilk. Jux, Notch and the Lord-Captain paid the Lord Merchant a visit, subduing his entry guard and interrupting one of Antonello’s regular dinner-parties. The Lord-Captain stabbed one guest, and another guest excused himself, leaving the Kahlmor clan to sit down and have a chat. By the end Antonello returned his services to the rogue traders and they were on their way.

En route to the system once traveled by the Throes of Luxury. Few problems encountered in the warp this time, though re-entry proved problematic. Under Navigator’s direction, the Exarch emerged underwater on the first planet in the system. No interference detected, yet the ship was held in place by forces unknown. After one day, Lord-Captain sent Private Billy to investigate the outside. Private reported ghostly white chains tethering the Exarch, and felt compelled to follow them down into the deep. Voidsmaster and Lord-Captain found that the chains could be physically severed and began cutting through them. Soon after, a ship connected to these chains appeared and the Lord-Captain engaged the phantasm alongside his crew of murder-servitors. By night’s end the Exarch escaped the planet, though little is known of the ghost-ship or of the city from which it seemingly hailed.

More later.

end recording



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