Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier)

Lord Captain's Log -- First

Port Wander is a steaming pile. The sycophantic little lackey sent to greet me at the docks spouted on and on about the wondrous beacon of trade and other such nonsense. The prices and availability of anything decent are simply ludicrous; some nonsense about a blockade out in the sector effecting supply. I managed to haggle a few crates of filament grenades out of the merchants, but even that came at a more dear price then I likely should have allowed. To hell with it, I’ll simply take my business to Footfall.

We met up with my father’s former Navigator, which called for a drink, though I seemed to be the one doing all of the drinking. Notch is as lightweight as usual despite the extra heft of those machine bits, Jux abstains, and even the Navigator seems to be one of those glass-sniffing whine drinkers, content with one glass for the duration of our visit to the establishment. Then the Void-Master ran off after some guy who was looking at us funny. I think he caught him and gave him a good drumming or some such thing, but my memory is awash with the booze at that point.

Day 2 At Port
Some other trader has an interest in our group for one reason or another. A laughable little scrub of a man and his friend were supplied with a Boltgun and instructed to hold me up. They weren’t even able to use their weapons properly. I doubt the one that lived will soon forget my name, I made sure of that, though I certainly don’t remember his.

A large crate full of chronos was being delivered to the Exarch as I arrived at port. I leave my nose out of the affairs of that half-crazed Explorator of ours, however. God Emperor preserve us should he decide to try to add time telling to the plasma drives.

Journey to Footfall Day 1

Seems the Captain of the Wandering Hand set his dogs to follow us, but couldn’t be bothered to be present on his own flagship. His first officer isn’t the brightest lumen orb I’ve met, but after a bit of fun with the vox-caster he forgot was on his own vessel, he was quick enough to follow when I suggested that perhaps his ship had lost track of our own.

Journey to Foofall, Day 6

Not even the tip of our nose yet in the Expanse, and already we encounter oddities and riches. The flickering ghosts of dead ships appeared during our trip through the immaterium and I elected to explore them. Notch declared the machine spirit of the first vessel to far gone to be awoken, and it’s insides were filled with piles of small, dead xenos meat-creatures. As the Explorator dug further in, some proved still living, and I ordered our immediate retreat and the bombardment and destruction of the floating hulk, over the tech priest’s protests.

The second vessel proved more worthy of our time, and after power was restored, and the warp engines on both it and our own vessel convinced to bring us back to the void, we set about the task of purging it’s own, similar xenos infestation. The cargo hold was vented to the void, easily killing the strange cocoons and creatures inside. The plasma drive was a bit more tricky, but eventually the venting tubes themselves were opened to the void, killing the large cocoon inside a bit at a time. The cocoon and the creature that erupted from it were to large to be sucked through the tubes completely, and I was convinced by Notch and Jux to keep the creature’s corpse under lock and key for further examination later. May I not come to regret that decision.

The vessel we recovered is a light cruiser by the moniker ‘The Throes of Luxury’. Not an especially intimidating name, but a light cruiser is quite a prize indeed. It seems to be rather minimally equipped, with many systems in rather ill repair. A few days were required to even get the ship in order enough to make the final, short leg of the trip to Footfall with us, but once we have it fitted and repaired there, I’m sure she’ll make a fine addition. It never hurts to have extra firepower available.



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