Rogue Trader (Now Made Fancier)

Void-Master's Log -- Fourth

Agriculture Planet

Being aboard this ship with Lord-Captain Adruesus is proving to be far more dangerous than I could have ever expected.

The ork infested planet was housing a dramatic find indeed, a massive gun known as a Star Ripper. I have never heard of these, but it seemed Alzad was a bit knowledgeable. After inspection of it’s capabilities, Lord-Captain Adruesus had formulated our next step and we left immediately for Imperial Space. I was afraid my rank among the disbanded Blue Bolt would get me interrogated. A contract was drawn up and we sold the coordinates to Lord High-Admiral Firescorn.

A man not to cross. I was relieved to leave.

Primitive World

The primitive worlds from the Throes of Luxury’s logs have advanced over the span of a millennium. Still primitive in their space travel capabilities, they did, however, engage us in combat. A strange notion for a world of their technology, being that it should have been clear we could not be bested by projectile weapons.

Seem’s they were afraid we were the new technology from their brother planet. They have been at war for decades. Investigation of the planet revealed something I had been suspicious of, it was infested with the slug-like parasites from when we discovered the Throes of Luxury. They had advanced further than nuclear energy and were utilizing plasma energies, unfortunately we decided they needed to be destroyed. We had begun destroying their energy grip, when the fourth planet out suddenly revealed a massive fleet of minor stellar craft approaching.

Lord-Captain Adruesus meant to preserve the primitive civilization, and we engaged the fleet in glorious combat. Xeno’s strike a deep hatred in my heart, and I was filled with righteous rage as I decimated the fleet in a singular volley from the Throes of Luxury. The weaponry ripped through the fleet and then a horror from the deep took form, as the entire fourth planet emerged into a titanic creature.

Long we fought, dodging attacks and tearing holes throughout the creatures massive tentacles. Eventually I plunged a lance beam through the energy signature in the creatures body.

Primitive World: Planetside

Returning to the primitive civilization, we were greeted with hesitant welcome. Lord-Captain Adruesus went along with the planets primarch, and I went to inspect the civilization. Seperated into upper class and lower class, this entire planet made me uncomfortable. Lord-Captain advised me to make it clear that we are more powerful and they will bend, so I took no shame in demonstrating our technological power upon an angry mob.

I asked to be taken to their military district, which resided inside a large, underground complex. It seems that the different roles played within this civilization are literally determined by the different races present. Pilots have a stream lined body, the innovators housing large craniums, and the lower class being of a strange cat-like appearance. Their military leader refused me the right to see their newest stratagem, so I challenged his authority. A mistake on my part, his primitive weapon, whilst striking me in the head, struck fire upon my helmet, which I discarded. Using my inferno pistol, I bored a hole through their “impervious” walls.

He backed down.

Their newest stratagem was located within a strange room. The walls were covered in calculations and a large glowing box seemed to be telepathically communicating with the large cranium-ed designers. I do not have body hair, but I imagine the feeling I felt would be similar to “my hair standing on end.”

It was a weapon of strange design, but I wanted to investigate further. I took the weapon outside and activated the charge feature. My hubris got the best of me. I fired the weapon.

A concentrated beam rent the air apart and for a moment I saw directly into the deepest realms of hatred and chaos. I cannot be sure what I saw, but something looked back at me and I felt a sharp, cold bolt of terror throughout my body. I’m not sure what compelled me, but I dropped the weapon and collapsed as a burning fire raged within my mind and soul. I convulsed for a bit and felt my mind reeling and my heart racing. This weapon was an abomination to the God Emperor.

I didn’t have time to recover, for the Military Leader was on the move for the weapon and I brought him down with both barrels firing. I thought for a moment he was going to shoot me with the weapon, but he missed and I brought him down before he could fire again.

I was relieved by Alzad’s arrival, and it had seemed that apparently I had looked directly into the Warp. I’m lucky to still have my mind intact, if not a bit fractured.

I can still feel that creature’s gaze upon me.

Timeline: Games 4 - 6

Record 1:

Planetside, a small bunker with empty rooms, a functioning garden and a records facility were found. Records forwarded to Alzad for perusal, and the investigative party moved on to Techno Site #2. Immense steel gate guarding a giant gun, far too large even to classify as Lance weaponry. Adreusus identifies weapon as type “Star-Ripper,” and Explorator Notch confirms the weapon as active and usable.

Alzad’s report of the records indicates the planet was the site of a colony around M33. Colonists primarily loyal to the Imperium and prospering. Regular reports made by a single recorder each generation. Colonists fled the planet in dread of some threat emerging from the first planet in orbit, firing their weapon once into the sun as they escaped. Their current whereabouts remain unknown.

Exarch Infinitum and Throes of Luxury immediately depart on Lord-Captain’s orders toward Footfall, and from there into Segmentum Obscurus.

Travel Time: 1 month warpside projected / ~10 months estimated voidside

Arrival at Port Significance, refueling and organized crew release/return. During this time Lord-Captain Adreusus communicates upward the Imperial Navy’s ladder beginning with Commander Greil, Low-Admiral Rung and finally an audience is granted with Lord High-Admiral Firescorn. A contract regarding the Star-Ripper is drawn up, with terms aggressively bargained between the Lord-Captain and the Lord High-Admiral. The conclusion of terms led to the conclusion of the session.

end recording

Record 2: Exarch and Throes return to Footfall. Refueling was postponed as Lord Merchant Antonello had unexplainedly withdrawn his graces to Lord-Captain Adreusus and his ilk. Jux, Notch and the Lord-Captain paid the Lord Merchant a visit, subduing his entry guard and interrupting one of Antonello’s regular dinner-parties. The Lord-Captain stabbed one guest, and another guest excused himself, leaving the Kahlmor clan to sit down and have a chat. By the end Antonello returned his services to the rogue traders and they were on their way.

En route to the system once traveled by the Throes of Luxury. Few problems encountered in the warp this time, though re-entry proved problematic. Under Navigator’s direction, the Exarch emerged underwater on the first planet in the system. No interference detected, yet the ship was held in place by forces unknown. After one day, Lord-Captain sent Private Billy to investigate the outside. Private reported ghostly white chains tethering the Exarch, and felt compelled to follow them down into the deep. Voidsmaster and Lord-Captain found that the chains could be physically severed and began cutting through them. Soon after, a ship connected to these chains appeared and the Lord-Captain engaged the phantasm alongside his crew of murder-servitors. By night’s end the Exarch escaped the planet, though little is known of the ghost-ship or of the city from which it seemingly hailed.

More later.

end recording

Lord Captain's Log -- Third

En route to Footfall

Damn this entire method of travel. We encountered a warpstorm that our illustrious Navigator somehow completely failed to predict. The plasma drives overheated, killing a handful of men and nearly driving the crew into a mass panic. I asserted control over the damn sheep as soon as I was roused by crewman Hans.
Jux tells me that the Luxury had blood seeping up through the consoles. Lovely.


The strangeness of the warp still suprises me. According to the dockmaster, we left port no more then twelve hours ago. I had heard that unexpected encounters in the warp can sometimes cause journeys to become shorter or longer than intended, but this is rather absurd. I can only hope we don’t arrive at footfall the next time a millenia after we left.

Antonello was of course suprised that we were back so soon, but upon presenting the bounty of ships and slaves I had aquired for him, he readily believed we had done our work so quickly, and I was able to spin it off as our own efficacy rather than the fickle nature of warp travel. This man may be a savvy merchant, but his mood is easier to pilot than any ship of which I’ve manned the helm; upon telling him of our next move, I was able to requisition through him supplies for the journey. Jux was afforded a supply of specially made ammo for those slug throwers he’s so fond of, and Notch quickly became very fond of his new power fist.

Orbit of Uncharted Planet

The situation is not entirely ideal, but it is a good deal better than I had hoped. Whatever the origional source of the Orks that spelled the unfortunate end of my father, they have moved on. Not a single void ship or Rok in any of our exhaustive auger scans. Unfortunately, their rather persistant taint has touched the world below, and a colony of the damnable creatures has spread across the majority of one of the smaller continents. They seem to have no support from their progenitors; the level of technology we could detect was primitve, built with whatever materials they found on the planet they sprung up on, no doubt. I have ordered the orbital bombardment of the infected continent, and we will spend the next several days scorching the infestation from the soil with both ships.

The planet seems otherwise ideal for an agricultural world, and given it’s relative proximity to Footfall, which must rely on imports and hydroponics, being simply a mass of rocks chained together, it is quite the prize indeed.

Surface of Uncharted Planet

Whilst personally seeing to the thorough burning of any terrain that managed to survive our bombardment, my troop was set on by a band of surviving orks. Their primitive guns and clubs posed little issue at first, but…

Honestly, I had heard that Ork technology was sometimes infathomable. I still cannot seem to accept the fact that the apparent leader of the Orks was somehow able to mount boulders to his rocket launcher looking device and fire them into my crew. There was no apparent means of holding the large rock still once it was attached, and no explanation of how the small bang caused by pulling the trigger propelled it along such a stable course. We lost a good thirty men before Notch managed to introduce the green creature rather intimitely to a filament grenade.

I myself engaged a few of the beasts in melee combat and found them to be clumsy opponents at best. The one with the club could not seem to grasp that he continued to miss simply because I was weaving back and forth. The one with the gun had suprisingly good aim, but could not seem to comprehend the force field that continually deflected his shots. They likely would not have penetrated my armor with such a weapon anyway; it was very expensive and time consumingly constructed. I do have to admit that the beasts take an inordinate amount of punishment before being put down, and simply refuse to flee if engaged in direct combat. After I destroyed the Ork’s club with a flick of my power sword, he simply took to punching me. Seeing as he was undettered when his fist impacted simply on my force field, I crippled it with another stroke. Yet still, he continued to punch with the other arm, impacting uselessly on my carapace armor before I finally struck through a leg and ended him.

Notch believe the scans have found technology that is not Orkish in origin below the ground. I have allowed him to explore these findings while I see to it that every last bit of the infestation is burned away.

Void-Master's Log -- Third

The Warp

Our return to Port Footfall required us to venture into the warp again, and although it was a short excursion, we still encountered trouble. On the Exarch Infinitum, the engine room suddenly spiked to several thousand degrees, burning several crew members alive. On the Throes of Luxury, I had to deal with a strange blood fluid pouring forth from the circuitry on deck. Had I not learned about this strange phenomena before, I might have crumbled into insanity.

Port Footfall

The warp storm had disrupted our trip severely, and as it turned out, our trip only took a total of 12 hours. We seemed to return successful merely half a day after leaving, much to the dock-master’s astonishment. Master Antonello was quite excited to hear from us, and asked us all to dinner. I was of a mind to not go, but alas, Alzad implored me to join them, as add protection if nothing else. I had to find another time to recalibrate the ships systems.

The dinner party went well, with our Lord-Captain charming our merchant friend into supplying us with a veritable goldmine of supplies. I was able to requisition some exotic ammo’s.

Shortly afterwards, we had the Throes of Luxury completely updated with new systems and new weaponry. I am itching to fire those broadsides into an enemy ship, never before have a fired the real weapon… only simulated time and time again.

The Strange Planet

Our Lord-Captain’s father and his father’s crew died at this very planet, so I was of a mind not to let anything catch us by surprise. When not manning the command deck on the Throes of Luxury, I was constantly utilizing the ships augers to test the space in the solar system. We discovered orks on the planets surface and the Lord-Captain issued the continents utter razing. For several days I oversaw the destruction of ork cities and villages. When Lord-Captain Adruesus was satisfied, he took a large contingent of crew to the planet to finish the job. I was to remain aboard the Throes of Luxury and watch the void for enemy interference.

It wasn’t long before our Lord-Captain and Explorator Notch to come under a teeming ork attack. Brave men they were, they fought the horde for the better half of two hours until routing them completely. I finished off the last contingents with planetary bombardment.

Strange, however, diligent as I was with the sensors and turrets… three orks wearing strange void-suits had managed to climb aboard the hull of the Throes of Luxury. I dispatched them quickly, although I thought for a moment one of them might have bested me had I not had the premonition that I should dodge left instead of right.

Auger sensors reported technologies beneath the surface of the planet. Notch vanished within, and I await news of the discovery.

Void-Master's Log -- Second

Port Footfall

An unconventional mass of asteroids connected by a complex series of walkways in the middle of this sector. We arrived shortly after getting the Throes of Luxury fully void-worthy. Notch has been having a conniption fit over this ship, and while working frequently has the servo-skull tell me to, “tread lightly, this ship doesn’t like you.” A wonderful notion, being that the Lord-Captain has plans for this being the war ship, and my skills will be needed.

Lord-Captain Adruesus held a meeting upon arrival, and we all went our separate ways. He himself went to try and claim new parts for our new ship, Notch went in search of the registry, and I accompanied Alzad to his room to debrief his last mission with our Lord-Captain’s father. After I attained enough information to deem it unlikely that people were pillaging our rightful claim, I went in search of the registry. I managed, unsurprisingly, to find the registry before Notch did.

My meeting with the Machine Cultist’s within only seek to remind me that I am not a social creature. Luckily, my blunder was relieved when Notch strode in quite proudly and plugged into their system without their permission, and was able to get the Throes registered to us.

I also discovered that the Xeno’s organism wasn’t dead yet, and promptly went in search of the Ordos Xeno’s on this hive of a station. I located them, and escorted a very irritable soldier to our ship. Upon examination, he informed me that we needed to destroy our prize immediately. I would not allow this until the Lord-Captain had his word. I held a stalemate with the soldier and his guard until the Lord-Captain arrived to settle the manner. We should have just ejected it like the rest, because Inquisitor’s kept visiting our station to implore us to let them search the ship.

The black market on this station isn’t very big, but I almost attained illegal Xeno’s weaponry. Once again, I am reminded that I am not a social creature.

Lord-Captain Adruesus returned after failing to attain the parts we needed to upgrade our ship, but he had been given a mission which would result in us attaining the parts we needed. The mission came from one Master Antonello. Of this merchant, I know nothing.

Three days in the warp brought us to a large space hulk. Ships from all over the sector had convened here to create a large wreckage of parts and debris. We were accompanied by two ships that Lord-Captain only said were sent by the merchant he had done business with. Lucky that, because we were attacked by pirates shortly there after.


I always feel the adrenaline pump when we initiate space combat. After the first lance beam missed one of the merchant frigates, I rushed to my station. The Lord-Captain maneuvered us out of lance range and he gave me the command to bring them down. All I could hear was my fathers words as I locked in coordinates on the screen.

“There are tales of hunters and soldiers out in the void that face massive creatures just to survive. Creatures so large that they must work in groups to win. The way to bring down such a large creature is to knock it off it’s feet, and strike it while it cannot retaliate. Think of enemy ships as a creature you must overcome, you must strike it where it’s weak, and then when it cannot fire upon you, you hit it with everything you’ve got.”

Using my gunnery knowledge, I hammered the enemy ships with our weaponry, aiming carefully for their plasma drives and command decks. The Lord-Captain, however, was several steps ahead of me. He used his archeo-tech machine to warp into their ships momentarily and destroy key components. This was of great excitement as I waited for the commander to reappear on board the Exarch Infinitum and I’d hear the finality in his voice when he gave his solemn command: “Fire at will.”

We destroyed and crippled most of the enemy ships and then looted their camp. I was part of the exploration party and we came upon a great hoard of fuel, flamer weaponry, plasma weaponry, and a small escape craft.

On a final note, the pirates women and children were discovered within the space hulk. Lord-Captain Adruesus hadn’t a second thought about it, and was content to leave them to starve or suffocate. Notch and I, for the first time, were on agreement that we would not leave void-born to such a fate. Notch cleverly ployed the idea of giving them to the merchant Antonello as servants, thus sparing their lives for the time being. Not ideal, but better than death.

Notch's Log - Port Wander and the Warp

We landed at Port Wander, as per Captain’s orders. Here we are to meet with his father’s Navigator. I find no reason to scour the large marketplace as he does for scarce or ubiquitous weapons, though I may come to regret this later. Instead, I have an inkling. A small project until we reach our further destinations. Could it be possible to construct a chrono that can do more than tell time? A minuscule endeavor, to say the least.

After hearing the Captain’s raised voice more than twice, we head to our meeting point. With the Navigator in tow, we march to the nearest tavern. Already I see that another night of imbibing is going to take place. As much as I try to enjoy the festivities of drink with my Captain, I once again find myself in a losing battle with what is left of my body. I could never take on a drinking challenge before I was imbued with my mechanical parts and I daresay I will never be a contender for Lord Captain Adruesus in the future, either. At some point, I notice Jux has disappeared, but by that point, I’m far too gone to make anything of it. Several drinks later, we head back to the Exarch and make to sleep off our intoxication.

In the wee hours of the next morn, I begin my experiment. And with the foulest of luck, I damage the gears in both of my acquired specimens. Frustrated with myself and slightly crazed, I order a crate of 100 additional chronos to be delivered as soon as possible. I also look into the purchase of a few superficial items and find that none of them are available at a price worth spending.

Later that evening, as the Captain and Jux return from their daily venture, we leave Port Wander, finding ourselves being followed within minutes. A quick call to the other vessel proves to unveil their intentions: to keep an eye on us for the Rogue Trader of the Wandering Hand Clan. Using his sometimes-subdued wit, Jux pulls out a vox that connects to one on their bridge. Needless to say, there was no denying their suspicious activity after that.

We entered the Warp after their ship, just to ensure they wouldn’t be able to follow us. The Navigator newly onboard, we set off with new confidence as he estimates our journey to be one-third of our original plan.

A few days into our travel to Footfall, near the Furibundus star, we happen to notice a couple of ships to our bow and stern. Concerned due to our previous revelation, we investigate. It doesn’t take us long to realize that these are no more than ghost ships — those lost in the Warp. We board the first one and I attempt to bring it back online. Small, black slug-like xenos are completely permeated throughout the entire ship’s circuitry. I begin to shovel them out as quickly as I can, but we get a message from the crew on the main vessel that the stern-side ship is beginning to move toward us. As much as I try, I am forced out of the engine room and the Captain, much to my dismay and horror, orders the ship’s demise.

A sinking feeling encompassing the entirety of my flesh, we make the same move on the second ship. With the death having happened so soon, I am more than relentlessly determined to get this ship working, if only to keep it alive. Luckily, the engine room isn’t clogged like that of the first ship and I get it online quickly. A scan from the Exarch indicates that lifeforms are inhabiting the vessel, however. And with a masterful command and expert timing, the Captain gets both ships out of the Warp in the same time and relative location.

We quickly find out that our new transport has an issue with the plasma drive, no doubt due to those damned xenos. A quick void of the cargo hold and a much-slower, but similar, process with the venting tubes later, we rid ourselves of the bulk of the infestation. Small populations had made their way into some of the inner shell of the ship, however, and with the Captain’s orders the crew collect and burn what xenos flesh still exists, alive or dead. During, and somewhat after, this mass destruction, I make my way to the plasma drive and commence fixing it. I end up using some of the meager spare parts we have aboard the Exarch and hope that nothing critical needs repair between here and Footfall.

I spend the next few days on our second vessel, named the Throes of Luxury, getting to know her and learning what makes her tick. She seems a bit flighty and changes her mind a lot, but I suppose we’ll see what our future holds with her in short time.

Void-Master's Log -- First

Port Wander: Day 1:

I have never encountered Port Wander in my travels. An entire populous of shifty-eyed thieves. Lord-Captain spoke about meeting an old companion here, of which I know very little. Going aground always leaves me uneasy; I have made several enemies from the Blue Bolt, and God Emperor forbid we encounter them. Out this far into the Expanse I do not expect to run into my past.

It is a strange feeling, being able to requisition goods of our Lord-Captain, but his generosity knows no limit, and I was able to better equip myself. I had quite a bit of trouble locating a decent photo-visor, so I imagine the Lord-Captain killed a man looking for a decent chain sword.

After encountering our Lord-Captain’s father’s Navigator, we took refuge from the noise of the crowd to sit within a bar. I didn’t recognize anyone, but I felt a little more at ease with several other void-born in the room.

Lord-Captain took to drink, an activity I do not partake in such a dangerous setting. It wasn’t long before my suspicion of a man was confirmed when he tried to flee the premises. After confirming with Lord-Captain, I took after the man. He had been carrying a vox caster, and I do not take lightly to being spied upon. I encountered him before he vanished into the teeming masses. A short confrontation later exposed his plot: his captain had sent him to listen of our tales and report back. I wasn’t sure why, but I could tell we weren’t messing with a mere thief. A mere thief wouldn’t have the armor to withstand a shot directly to the chest. I stripped him of his possessions and sent him on his way. I left the trail open in hopes we would expose the real man behind this.

Lord-Captain, while talented in his ability, succumbed to drink and we retired to the Exarch Infinitum. I didn’t spot our stalker, so he must’ve reported back. If I see him again he will die.

Day 2:

A day of restocking and preparation. The Lord-Captain resumed his hunt for equipment, while I oversaw the stocking of our holds. A note I might add: This Notch fellow, he terrifies me. The Explorater’s on other vessels were very quiet and dedicated to their work. Notch does not speak to me, instead, a floating Servo-skull screams his requests at me. He is constantly tinkering and I never really know what he might be thinking. The Lord-Captain allowed him a full case of Chrono’s for our trip. Is this to keep the Explorater busy? Or perhaps a bribe of some sort? Trouble was brewing, while out, the Lord-Captain encountered some thugs. I received the call for aid, but he didn’t sound worried. I made an example of the second thug, who upon seeing his companion hobbled, went to flee. I, while in the crowd, put a bullet through the right side of his head, and made example of those who seek to harass our ship.

The Void:

We are on our way to another port by the name of Footfall. Similarly, I do not recognize this port. We aren’t even out of the gravitational pull of Wander when we encounter another ship. It is a companion of the man I apprehended. He fed us some ork-speak about how this is coincidence. We knew otherwise. I had the vox caster from the first man, and upon speaking into it, behold, the vox caster at his hip responded. Lord-Captain did was he does best, and the man and his ship fled.

The Warp:

Father told me stories about the Warp. It is a gestalt world existing between this one and the other dimensions. Time and space are relative here. Strange things can happen, so without the assistance of a Navigator, you should never stay in the warp for too long. Several days in, we encountered ships whose entirety seemed to be flickering in and out of existence. Lord-Captain, ever the opportunist, had us warped aboard. We encountered strange xeno-organisms, and I was assaulted by the memory of my fathers death. The first ship was beyond repair, as Notch was unable to speak with the Machine God. I was allowed the privilege of delivering the ship and it’s spirit to our God-Emperor. The second ship was in better repair, and we quickly seized the ship and destroyed the captured xeno’s within. We now approach Footfall, with a second ship in tow.

Lord Captain's Log -- First

Port Wander is a steaming pile. The sycophantic little lackey sent to greet me at the docks spouted on and on about the wondrous beacon of trade and other such nonsense. The prices and availability of anything decent are simply ludicrous; some nonsense about a blockade out in the sector effecting supply. I managed to haggle a few crates of filament grenades out of the merchants, but even that came at a more dear price then I likely should have allowed. To hell with it, I’ll simply take my business to Footfall.

We met up with my father’s former Navigator, which called for a drink, though I seemed to be the one doing all of the drinking. Notch is as lightweight as usual despite the extra heft of those machine bits, Jux abstains, and even the Navigator seems to be one of those glass-sniffing whine drinkers, content with one glass for the duration of our visit to the establishment. Then the Void-Master ran off after some guy who was looking at us funny. I think he caught him and gave him a good drumming or some such thing, but my memory is awash with the booze at that point.

Day 2 At Port
Some other trader has an interest in our group for one reason or another. A laughable little scrub of a man and his friend were supplied with a Boltgun and instructed to hold me up. They weren’t even able to use their weapons properly. I doubt the one that lived will soon forget my name, I made sure of that, though I certainly don’t remember his.

A large crate full of chronos was being delivered to the Exarch as I arrived at port. I leave my nose out of the affairs of that half-crazed Explorator of ours, however. God Emperor preserve us should he decide to try to add time telling to the plasma drives.

Journey to Footfall Day 1

Seems the Captain of the Wandering Hand set his dogs to follow us, but couldn’t be bothered to be present on his own flagship. His first officer isn’t the brightest lumen orb I’ve met, but after a bit of fun with the vox-caster he forgot was on his own vessel, he was quick enough to follow when I suggested that perhaps his ship had lost track of our own.

Journey to Foofall, Day 6

Not even the tip of our nose yet in the Expanse, and already we encounter oddities and riches. The flickering ghosts of dead ships appeared during our trip through the immaterium and I elected to explore them. Notch declared the machine spirit of the first vessel to far gone to be awoken, and it’s insides were filled with piles of small, dead xenos meat-creatures. As the Explorator dug further in, some proved still living, and I ordered our immediate retreat and the bombardment and destruction of the floating hulk, over the tech priest’s protests.

The second vessel proved more worthy of our time, and after power was restored, and the warp engines on both it and our own vessel convinced to bring us back to the void, we set about the task of purging it’s own, similar xenos infestation. The cargo hold was vented to the void, easily killing the strange cocoons and creatures inside. The plasma drive was a bit more tricky, but eventually the venting tubes themselves were opened to the void, killing the large cocoon inside a bit at a time. The cocoon and the creature that erupted from it were to large to be sucked through the tubes completely, and I was convinced by Notch and Jux to keep the creature’s corpse under lock and key for further examination later. May I not come to regret that decision.

The vessel we recovered is a light cruiser by the moniker ‘The Throes of Luxury’. Not an especially intimidating name, but a light cruiser is quite a prize indeed. It seems to be rather minimally equipped, with many systems in rather ill repair. A few days were required to even get the ship in order enough to make the final, short leg of the trip to Footfall with us, but once we have it fitted and repaired there, I’m sure she’ll make a fine addition. It never hurts to have extra firepower available.


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